Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving Blessings From Goldens Creek!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

I've learned some new things this week. Things that are easily forgotten after living in Florida for 30 years. I've learned that one must allow at least 10 minutes in the morning for the car to defrost - unless one is ingenious enough to think of using a plastic putty knife to scrape the frost off of the windows (which by the way works extremely well). I've learned that horses that sleep standing up outside in the pasture (yes we have a barn, but they choose to stay outside) will have a layer of snow on their backs in the morning and it doesn't even phase them. I've learned that a puppy (or a grown dog) will not have to go outside to do their business until well after dark when the cold wind is blowing and the temperature has dropped to 25 degrees or less.

Speaking of the puppies . . . it's been a bittersweet week here at the creek. The puppies have weaned themselves! They no longer require or want bottle feeding every few hours. I was actually a little depressed at that idea until I realized that although they have become very independent in their own little way, they still enjoy snuggle time in the evenings - something both my hubby and I relish. Speaking of my hubby, I've learned to read him like a book! He got that "far away look" in his eyes the the other night during puppy snuggle time. I knew he was thinking of our old friend Buck and how much little Clyde's personality reminded him of Buck. So, being the sentimental old fool that I am, I asked him if he wanted a puppy for Christmas. He just grinned and proceeded to tell Clyde that he didn't think Clyde was a suitable name and has renamed him Buster. Now tell me, who has who wrapped around their little finger (or paw as the case may be)?

Our little lost beagle found a new home this week too. We think she may be in the family way, so we had decided to take her to the animal shelter. We didn't feel that we could handle the responsibility of litter of puppies in the dead of winter. Evidently the volunteer at the animal shelter has a soft spot for beagles, so she was going home with him. Whew! Now if we can just keep the neighborhood dogs from dropping off their stray friends on our doorstep . . . . .

Blessings from the creek ya'll!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Seasons have changed and lessons have been learned here on the creek. Bumps in the road. Hellos and goodbyes. Things lost and things found. I feel as though I could fill a catalog with inspirational signs - bits of inspiration that have come to me when I needed them the most. A timely post from a wonderful Sister blogger who has been through some bumps along her own road. A stern "relax Mom, God is in control" from my son. And then there are quotes like . . . "Sometimes He calms the storm and sometimes He calms his child" "God doesn't give us more than we can handle - God helps us handle what we are given" "Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass, it's about learning to dance in the rain" EVERY DAY IS A BLESSING!. Add to that the song "God Will Make a Way" or in my case God will make a job . . . and you may get an idea of where I've been for the past couple of months.

I started a new job the first part of October. I'm working in a wonderful, Christian family practice office. It's been quite a transition going from working at home on my own schedule for the past 10 + years to working a regular 8 hour day. It's a great feeling, though. I work with some incredible people. I've made some new friends that are a wonderful addition to this new chapter in my life.

Our son was here for a few days before he took off for basic training. We had a wonderful time together - short as it was. It's hard for me to believe that he's so grown up. He'll be in South Carolina for the first nine weeks, then off to San Antonio for his medic training. Makes a mama proud!

There have been some temporary additions to our zoo crew here at the creek. A a few weeks ago the neighborhood dogs brought a new friend - a Beagle - by to play with Gracie. When play time was over, everyone went home . . . except the Beagle! She was in definite need of some TLC. Needless to say, she's still here. Then, a week or so later my son and my husband came across 2 newborn puppies that someone had dropped off along side the road. Ryan dubbed them Bonnie and Clyde. We've bottle fed them from the day they were found. They've grown from tiny, little squirmy bundles weighing only about half a pound each - not even old enough to have their eyes open - to squirmy, chubby bundles that have beautiful dark eyes, a mouth full of very sharp puppy teeth, and little round bellies. They give the best puppy kisses. We think they're at least part lab. Bonnie is chocolate colored and Clyde is coal black. We're hoping to find homes for them. Anybody out there want a couple cute puppies for Christmas?

So, that's basically what I've been up to for the past couple of months. I've missed you all, although I must confess that I've been lurking in the commentless shadows of most of my favorite blog spots checking up on you. Thank you all for your kind comments and your prayers. I can't promise daily or even weekly posts until I get used to this new schedule, but I will promise updates on the happenings here on Goldens Creek!

Blessings from the creek y'all!