Saturday, March 7, 2009

Yard sales and thrift stores and flea markets . . . . OH MY!!!!! I've been going through junquoholics withdrawl for months now. Thrift stores are few and far between here. It's been too cold and rainy and dreary all winter long for yard sales. However!!!!!! In Wednesday's edition of the Advocate. . . . well actually it's actually Thursday's edition of the Advocate but it hits the newstands on Wednesday afternoon, which can sometimes be interesting like the day they published a story about how wonderful the New Year's Eve celebration at the park had been and all about the beautiful fireworks, etc.. We were reading about it on Wednesday (New Years Eve) and wondering if this was a real life version of that TV show that used to be on about the guy that got tomorrow's newspaper today. Anyhow, back to this week! In this week's edition of the Advocate, waaaaay back in the classified ad section of the paper, there was an ad for a HUGE yardsale to be held on Saturday (that's today!) to raise money for the Union College Girl's Volleyball team!!!! So bright and early this morning, me and Pa loaded up in the truck and headed to town. We stopped and picked up two friends from my office and we went and found that yard sale!!! The weather was beautiful! The bargains were pleanty! We were having so much fun that we went off in search of more!!!! We didn't find any more yard sales, but we did stop by a new 2nd hand store called "Stranger In The Holler Trading Post", and then we went by a little outdoor flea market. We were four happy shoppers. Our thirst for junque was satisfied for the time being. But rest assured, we've already started planning our next excursion.