Monday, June 9, 2008


I love vintage things. Vintage furniture! Vintage linens! Vintage quilts! Vintage kitchen gadgets! Vintage dishes! Vintage! Vintage! Vintage! Saturday I had the opportunity to help our Pastor's daughters decorate the church Fellowship Hall for Brother Billy and Sister Jean's 50th anniversary celebration! We used vintage pictures, jewelery, handbags, hankies, gloves, Brother Billy's highschool letterman's sweater and baseball cap, and Ms. Jean's absolutely beautiful wedding dress and headpiece as part of the decorations. It was beautiful! Simple! Elegant! Definitely befitting a beautiful, elegant, vintage couple.

On Sunday afternoon we celebrated not only their 50 years of marriage, but their 50 years in the ministry together as well. We celebrated when they told of their wedding day 50 years ago to the day on a Sunday afternoon and the fact that Brother Billy actually preached the Sunday morning service and then had an afternoon wedding! We celebrated their wonderful, Godly family. We celebrated Brother Billy's recovery and we celebrated the strength he is regaining every day. We celebrated old friendships. We celebrated young lives that have been touched by this wonderful couple.

At the service last night the celebration continued with special music. We celebrated with tears of joy that our Pastor, although still not able to climb up to the platform, was able to deliver his first message since his accident!

I'm certain that Brother Billy and Sister Jean enjoyed every moment of their day. I know they appreciated all the beautiful gifts they received. The greatest gift that day, however, was not a gift they received. It was a gift that those of us who know and love them received. The gift of being there to celebrate their lives and their love with them!

Blessings y'all!


elaine @ peace for the journey said...

What a beautiful tribute! And the dress is tiny was she? My mother's dress has a similar waistline.

Thank you for using your love of all things vintage to celebrate the love and ministry of this cherished couple. May God continue to bless their lives with memories filled with love and laughter at every turn.



third try.....
I am so thrilled that the celebration of their 50+ years together went so well. I love all of the vintage touches.. the dress, that cakE!! and the pbotograph's but most of all.. the memories... shared then and now and what an example they are for the rest of us!!!
I hope your day is peaceful and productive!!

Adrienne said...

Hi Liz -
Thank you for sharing about the celebration for this special couple. My eyes filled with tears as I thought of the faithfulness of God they have seen through the years. And to know that he preached on Sunday is an added blessing!

Kathy said...

Ah, that was so nice! And it is such great news that he is doing so much better.