Friday, July 11, 2008

I'm suffering from the empty nest syndrome . . . again!

I couldn't be prouder if I had hatched them myself! The Barney Swallow Band has flown off on their first engagement. My hubby and I watched yesterday as Ditty was the fist to audition. He spread his wings and sang his loudest and off he flew. Dew, Wah and Duhm were a little apprehensive and actually wouldn't leave their dressing room(nest). No amount of bribery or urging by their mom or dad would coax them out on to the stage (aka fan blade). They did some of their best singing standing on the edge of their nest, though. The three of them still had their feet planted firmly inside the nest when we left the house this morning. When we returned home this afternoon - the nest was empty. Either they decided Ditty was having altogether too much fun without them or mom got tired of their stubbornness and gave them a gentle push. It's so quiet out on the porch now. For nearly three weeks we've listened to the sounds of their mom and dad waiting expectantly for them to poke their little beaks out of their eggs, then the round the clock feedings, then when the fuzzy little quartet with the rocker hair doos found their voices, they practiced singing at least 12 hours a day. It's been so awesome watching them grow! We are so blessed to have been allowed to witness such a beautiful miracle from beginning to end.

I'm sad to say that the House Wren and the Dove families didn't fare as well. Their nests were within climbing reach of the dreaded night stalker (aka cat) and the twins in both families were evidently midnight snacks for that evil Puddy Tat. Such is the circle of life.

Well, I'm off to see if I can tell which of the dozens of barn swallows out for their evening meal is my little Barney Swallow Band. Dew, Whah, Ditty and Duhm . . . you'll always hold a special place in my heart!

Blessings Y'all!

P.S. My new "friend" Nancy from Olive Leaf Ministries is having a give-away. Stop by to pay her a visit. I promise you'll laugh a little, cry a little and learn to love her and her family within the first ten minutes.


Adrienne said...

Hi Liz -
I love the names you gave your little birdie band! We had baby robins just above our patio door. I waited and waited - eagerly - to see them learn to fly. And it didn't happen! We knew it would be soon. I got up one morning and there was no sign of little robins or the mama! I knew they had gotten too big to sleep in the nest unseen so I climbed on a stool and held a mirror up at an angle to see in the nest. It was EMPTY!!! No sign of them anywhere! I was so disappointed. Then I read that often when the nest is placed somewhere that is not the best for flying lessons, the mama will move them to a nearby tree. An elderly lady told me this week that the mama and daddy robin take each baby, one at a time, by the wings and fly them to a tree where flying conditions are good. So I missed it!

Thanks for stopping by my blog again. I'm glad you enjoyed my daughter's adventures with my pansy picture.


You really are having wonderful adventures.. both furry and feathered!!!
Been lurking on aol that past few mornings but have not seen you.... we must get out tea times in sync!!!
Hope y'all are making progress!!
I'll buzz ya today!!

vikki said...

very enlightening blog! i will come back to visit! sooo love the birdy names. our red finches did not fair well either with our rains, but seems like the wrens are off and ok... i love empty bird nests, have them on benches outside, few inside after de-bugging them. the bench pic by my front door, first post pic, has even broken egg shells in the cup with the nest. from a shell to a heart beat flying! hope u visit agin soon! lilacs are my fave, too. this spring here in ioway was cool, so they loved the weather. each tiny blossom on those branches and the wonderful scent ~ whadda gift from God! have a blessed week-end. hugs vikki ♥

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

I can't even imagine what it must be like to bird watch. I barely have the time to take a bath these days, but I am so thankful for your rest and for your time to enjoy the treasured wonders of God's creation.


Utah Grammie said...

Yes, I can see them in my mind - AND your "empty nest" Poor you! Love the names and sorry for the ones that didn't make it - such is life I suppose. W had a cat with a bell on her collar and she STILL managed to catch birds! - go figure. Have a wonderful time being a part of God's everyday miracles!

Michelle said...


I just found your blog a few days ago and as a fellow Kentucky resident I would like to say welcome to this wonderful state! We live in eastern KY and visit the Lake Cumberland area often during the summer months, if you are ever looking for a beautiful country drive take I-75 to the Williamsburg exit and follow 92 into Monticello, you won't be disappointed.

Take care