Saturday, November 14, 2009

Indian summer has come to the creek. A beautiful day to throw open the windows and soak in the sunshine. A day not so conducive to deer hunting, I'm told. The deer prefer the cooler weather and evidently the hunters prefer sitting in their stands shivering in layers of cammo waiting for that elusive trophy buck to show himself. I have a theory that as hunting has evolved and the need to hunt for food has made way for the need to hunt for sport, that the deer have done their own study of the hunter. In this age of technology, with automatic feeders and motion activated cameras to track the movement of the prey, the deer are becoming more intelligent. My reasoning behind this theory? I'm 99% sure that I saw the beautiful 12 point buck in the photograph winking and sticking his tongue out at the camera. While the hunters are sitting in their tree stands waiting for him to show up, I really think he's sitting behind them, just out of their line of sight, snickering a little bit. I wouldn't be a bit surprised to see another picture of him at 2AM, looking at the camera winking and sticking his tongue out. "C'mon Mr. Hunter, roll on out of bed at 5AM, climb up into that contraption you have hanging in the tree. I'll be watching, waiting and occasionally napping until you're gone!" But, just in case that elusive buck slips up and walks into the path of my hunters, I've cleared out a spot in the freezer!

My man and my man child are sharing in this experience. I'm enjoying seeing them bond. I'm enjoying spending time with my soldier. I'm savoring this time, hoping to tuck enough memories away to keep me going while he's gone.

Blessings from the creek, y'all!


vintage girl at heart said...

She's backkkkkkkkkkkkk!! Yippeeeeeeeeeeee!!
Glad the menfolk are a bondin'!!
Love and Miss you!!!

Lori said...

Missed your posts! Isn't it great when father and son share an activity after son is grown? It does a mamma's heart good that's for sure.

Adrienne said...

Hi, my friend - I had to chuckle while reading your thoughts on the intelligent activities of the deer. My father was a hunter, as is my sweetheart. My mother has always said she thinks the deer can read the hunting handbook with the dates of hunting season! I think both of you are right - the deer are smart and they are watching!

Good to hear from you again. And so glad your son and your hubby are having bonding time together. Hold on to each of the moments you have together. And I hope their hunt is successful!

sister sheri said...

I love when my men bond! They need it more than they know!

Blessings to you!

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