Monday, March 17, 2008


It seems like forever since my last post. I've actually tried, but AOL has been on the fritz, my Comcast connection has been interrupted too many times to count and the last time I tried, Blogger "ate" it.

I've been on an emotional roller coaster ride for the past couple of weeks. A good old fashioned E-ticket Disney ride. Fast and furious. Full of bumps and turns, ups and downs. And just when I thought the ride was over - when the lights come on and you're meandering through the tunnel with all the pretty music - whoosh! it starts all over again. I think I've possibly come to the end of the ride for real this time. I'm just waiting for the car to come to a full stop and for the seat belt and shoulder restraints to loosen their grips and for the nice young man with the pasted on smile to offer me his hand so that I don't fall on my face as I exit the car.

We went to my "niece's" wedding in Knoxville this past weekend. The wedding was simple, yet elegant . There wasn't a lot of "fluff". The music, although traditional, lacked the stuffiness of the big church organ and was played by a very handsome, talented young flutist. The flowers were simple bouquets of yellow and white tulips. Even the mother's and grandmother's corsages were single white tulips. Both the mother of the bride and the mother of the groom had chosen very understated, yet beautiful dresses for the occasion.

Kristen (the groom's mother) told me she had battled for months over what to wear to the wedding. She had bought several different dresses, then returned them all. She kept coming back to a very simple dress she'd had in her closet for years, but wasn't sure if it was "dressy" enough for the occasion. Her beautiful little mama came to her rescue one day when she told Kristen all the dress needed was new buttons to dress it up. They went through her mama's button box and found just enough beautiful rhinestone buttons that she'd saved from different dresses over the years to replace the buttons on Kristen's dress. She told me that the best part of the whole adventure was the time she spent with her mother sorting through the button box. Time she might have missed if Miranda and Chris hadn't insisted on keeping their wedding simple. Time she'll hold forever in her heart. Time she will surely pass on to her grandchildren in the form of a story one day as they're looking at the photographs from Miranda and Christopher's wedding.



What a wonderful story!!! And what a perfect start to a new life together for M&C!!!
I am glad YOU are back here though......selfish little me!!!
P.S. you Really have a way with words. maybe you should write a book.......hmmmmmmm

sister sheri said...

What an amazingly beautiful story. I love the Button Box!