Monday, December 3, 2007

Gremlins and Greenery

I suppose there is nothing like a backlog of work to put me in the mood for the very first entry in my very first blog. The urge to ignore the backlog of work has also put me in the mood for unpacking some more Christmas decorations. There are some amazing surprises hidden in the depths of these totes. I found great "welcome" sign that I don't remember ever seeing before. It fits in so well in our little "cabin corner". I'm not sure if it was a thrift store find, a gift or if I bought it on clearance somewhere. OR maybe the Christmas gremlins knew that I'd love it and snuck it into the bottom of my greenery tote sometime over the summer. Hmmmmmmm?

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VintageGirlatHeart said...

Great blog!!!! Love the gremlin story tee heeeeee cannot wait to help u get those pics uploaded too!!!