Thursday, April 3, 2008

I'd like to thank . . . .

Adrienne from With a Grateful Heart has honored me with my very first blogger award! I started blogging several months ago basically to help keep my friends up to date on the progress with our plans to move, the changes we've made in the house, etc. Never in a million years did I imagine that I'd be meeting so many wonderful people from so many wonderful places. I can't even begin to explain how it feels to know that when we finally move from here - a house we've lived in for thirteen years and a town that I've called home for nearly thirty years - that I'll be able to take you all with me on my journey.

It is now my honor to pass this award on to:
Jo-Jo - Tulla Belle (the youngest of my blogger buddies and she's got her mama's flair!)

Now y'all can pass this on to ten of your favorite blogging buddies.



Kathy said...

You definitely deserve this "Excellent" award! I love your blog and your great sense of humor. Thank you for including me!!

peace for the journey said...

Thank you for nominating me for "excellence." I'm so glad that I am traveling with you on this journey, and I look forward to seeing your life unfold in the days ahead. These are exciting times for you and your family. I know the "emotions" that come with making a transition, especially in regards to moving. It's a mixed bag most days and won't make much sense until you get to the other side.

You're in my my excellent new friend!


Utah Grammie said...

Oh now you've gotten be all verklempt! And yes, I, like you, am constantly amazed at all the fun, witty, smart, loving people I've met through blogging - aren't we the lucky ones..
Thank you for the award!

Grace said...

Oh My! I'm truly speechless! Thank you so very much, dear friend. I share your sentiments entirely. I never would have imagined blogging would bring such great new friendships.
Bless You,

Anonymous said...

Congratulations!!! I love what you said about taking your bloggy buddies with you!!! It's so true...a little taste of heaven here on earth, I'd say :o)

Rambles by Hay Hay said...

Thanks for spreading the excellence! I posted on my blog, check it out!


sister sheri said...

Thanks, Liz... back at 'cha!