Friday, April 18, 2008


I have discovered over the past several days that the most precious gift is not something you can physically unwrap. I actually received the same gift from several different sources - albeit delivered in different packages and in several different sizes. Although I love and cherish the cards that were so thoughtfully chosen and the gifts that were shopped for and beautifully wrapped, the gift that I will forever hold close to my heart is the gift of time. Time spent at a little cafe with two dear friends, just talking and laughing and sharing our lives over a wonderful, yet simple lunch. Time spent with my "sister at heart" putting together a photo album as a gift for my "forever friend" . Time spent with my "junque syster" scouring some of our favorite thrift stores in search of nothing in particular but finding wonderful treasures - oohing and aahing and sharing ideas (3 different days!). Time spent with two of our special friends and their son from church over a spur of the moment lunch after church on Sunday - talking, laughing, praising God for his wonderful blessings. Time spent with my hubby, son and future d-i-l over a takeout dinner from our favorite Italian restaurant and watching Dancing With the Stars in the comfort of our livingroom. Time my "forever friend" took out of her day filled with radiation treatments, running a busy pharmacy, keeping up with her 2 busy teens and her husband to call and wish me a happy birthday. Time that countless people took out of their busy days to pray for my hubby and also to call to check up on him after his accident . . . .
The cards will eventually become tattered and faded. The presents will be used up, outgrown, tarnished and perhaps forgotten. The gift of time I received from so many different sources, however, has left an imprint on my heart that will remain for a lifetime.



P.S. Speaking of time . . . if you haven't already left a comment on my "Fifty-One" post, there is still time to be eligible for the give-away!


Grace said...

One thing I look forward to in clocks. Only sunshine.
Blessings! Hope this year is your very best one ever!


sniff sniff..... a beautiful post......

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

Time is a precious gift, and one that I don't want to squander on stuff that doesn't matter. Friends matter. God matters. Family matters, and quite frankly everything else can find its place somewhere behind.

I think that the greatest investment we can make in this life is through time spent with people. It reaps unseen dividends and boasts the greatest return. And should our path cross at some point on this side of eternity, I would love to spend some "time" with you, my new friend, over coffee. (we could brag about our sons and our great big God!).

Be blessed and peace~elaine

Pat said...

Hello again, Liz!
This is a wonderful post, and so true! "The best things in life are not things" Time is the very best gift of all.

I love your blog! It's so nice to meet nice people like you!

Hugs, Pat

Pat said...

Just a "PS" "Time in A Bottle" is my wedding song, so I loved hearing it on your blog! Thanks!
Hugs, Pat

4ever friend said...

What a beautiful post. I cherish the wonderful memories we have shared throughout the years. Thank you for being here for me, especially during the last 11 months. I couldn't have gotten through this without you. A special thanks to your fellow bloggers who have thought about and prayed for me at your request. I love you all. Liz's 4 ever friend, Elaine