Thursday, August 28, 2008


I mentioned on my last post that we said goodbye to an old friend yesterday. It wasn't a sad goodbye or a tragic goodbye. It was a fond farewell. A sendoff to a new home, to a better life. OK. So maybe I'm being just a tad melodramatic. The old friend I'm talking about is a bus.

When we purchased our property here on the creek, it came complete with several outbuildings, and The Bus. The Bus evidently started out life as a Whitley County school bus and upon retiring from academia, worked part time as a church bus. Somewhere along the line he was put out to pasture. Literally. Out in the pasture behind the house. Over the years he was stripped of his seats and his engine and his dignity and was evidently used as yet another storage shed. I can't imagine the embarrassment that this once proud servant of the academic world must have felt to be forced to live out his golden years in a cow pasture, filled with junk. The ridicule he must have endured as the shiny, new school buses passed by each day as well as the semi-retired church buses that travel our road on a regular basis. The on bright spot in his life in the pasture was the bush of wild honeysuckle that had grown up through what used to be his engine. It was beautiful to behold and had a beautiful, sweet fragrance. The honeysuckle actually acted as camouflage and after a while it hid the fact that The Bus had no engine.

Hubby and I had discussed on several occasions what we should do with The Bus. We toyed with the idea of turning it into a novel guest suite. Unfortunately, with everything else we have going on around here, The Bus just wasn't one of our top priorities.

Well Tuesday, when Hubby was off picking up our new menagerie and I was up on the ladder painting, a gentleman came to the door and introduced himself as "Centers, Junior Centers, C-e-n-t-e-r-s". He was just wonderin' if we might be interested in selling that old but out there. I thought about it for about a micro-second and said in my calmest voice, "yes sir, I believe we would!". We agreed on a price for the bus as well as an old lawn tractor and some scrap metal we had laying around waiting for a chance to take it to the scrap yard. Centers, Junior Centers told me he'd be back in a few days, after the rain stopped from "that thar hurrycane".

Yesterday, Mr. Centers, Junior Centers, and two friends came by armed with tools and a tow truck that was nearly as old as The Bus. It took help from Hubby and his trusty tractor and about two hours worth of pushing and pulling and banging and turning by the other three men before The Bus finally moved from his spot in the pasture and for the first time in who knows how many years rolled proudly down the road with his head held high (OK, so it was held up by the hook on the tow truck) on his own new adventure. So, farewell old friend. You have left a void in our pasture and your leaving has opened up a wonderful new view of the mountain.

Blessings from the creek y'all!

P.S. Blogger is not allowing me to post any pictures tonight. I'll try again tomorrow and will add pictures of The Bus and his journey if I can.



sniff sniff.. I did not get a chance to "tour" the bus but what a story!! can't wait to see the pics!!!

Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio said...

Oh! What a happy ending! I hope we get to see pics :-)
p.s. I am having my 300th post giveaway..come enter!

Kathy said...

I am so happy for you to get this nice, new view of the mountain.

StitchinByTheLake said...

I drove from Arkansas to Missouri Thursday and saw far too many old cars and trucks and buses rusting out in fields. I'm glad yours is gone! I bet it was kind of fun to watch. blessings, marlene