Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Purging and packing and painting and primping . . . . OH MY!

Wow! What a busy week so far. We've been getting the house ready to show, which means more packing and painting and primping and purging. My "office/original master bedroom/guest room/place to put things you can't find anywhere else to put" finally looks like a bedroom again.
I'd like to give a special award to the person who invented the inflatible bed! One minute it looks like a sleeping bag . . . five minutes later it's a queen sized bed! Throw on a creamy colored chenille bedspread and matching shams that were a $10 Goodwill find, hang some springy looking curtains (another thrift store score) and the room looks better than it has in years! I've been delaying packing up some of my girly bling from my dresser, but I knew it had to be done. I had just gotten a package in the mail from Laurie at Charming Design. I had purchased one of her beautiful little pincushions from her E-Bay store. It matches my moss rose collection so beautifully! I hated to pack it all away . . . . but a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do. Can you see the beautiful little bird perched in its tulle nest on top of the vase? Isn't she adorable? As much as I hate to pack all the pretties away, I guess it will be like Christmas when I get to unpack everything again and have fun finding homes for everything at Goldens Creek! We actually showed our house for the first time this morning. The woman who came to see the house is actually a friend of the secretary who works in the office of the man who did our appraisal. When she described to him what she was looking for he immediately though of us! I was a little apprehensive (oh c'mon let's be honest here girl!) OK! I was a LOT apprehensive! Hubby had his share of apprehension too! The lady seemed to be quite pleased with what she saw. She is specifically looking for a home with two "master suites", which we have. She wants something in a quiet neighborhood, away from town. Fortunately the birds and the breeze cooperated. As if on cue, when the lady walked out on to the back porch the birds started to sing and the breeze began to blow through the pine trees in the woods behind the house. A symphony of peace and tranquility accompanied by the wind chimes hanging from the corner of the porch - all under the direction of the Master! She stood there and listened for a while and then took a stroll through the house for the second time. Now we wait . . . and pack and primp and paint and purge some more!



Oh I love your birdy!!!! I like it, I love it, I want one of 'em!!! ::))
Glad that the "showing" went so well, aint it great when the birds and breeze cooperate??!!
I am going to have to visit so I can see it all gussied up!!

sister sheri said...

Great job! Love the bed idea!

Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio said...

Your home is looking lovely and I am sure you will sell it fast!

Loving Her Beautiful said...

Oy! My wife and I are in the same boat: packing to move, gathering the de-clutter, and then having nowhere to put it! I'm sure you two have said, "Aren't we just moving the same things from room to room? That's it, where's the dumpster?!"
Best wishes in your new home!

Kentucky Bound said...

Bill, When in doubt of where to put things, just moments before the realtor is due to show up at the door grab what you can, run to the garage (carport, driveway) and cram everything you can into the trunk of the car or the back of the pickup. Then when the showing is over with, you can just drag it all back inside. Unless of course your neighbor has borrowed the truck to haul a trailer with his broken motorcycle on it to the repair shop an hour away, in which case the three baskets full of dirty laundry that you had fully intended on starting as soon as the realtor left will have to wait for another time. Uh . . . so I've heard!