Sunday, February 10, 2008

"The Witnesses"

With so much work to do and so much going on this past week I completely forgot that we had tickets to see a production called "The Witnesses" last night with a group from our church. A very big part of me wanted to give the tickets away, but that little part of me that had seen "The Rock and the Rabbi" several weeks ago (for the second time) REALLY wanted to see the sequel. Fortunately, that little part of me won out! Handsome, talented son was supposed to go with us, but had forgotten about a paper he has due on Monday. So, I called my friend Peggy at the last minute. She jumped at the chance! So, MWHITW got to accompany two of his favorite ladies to the production. It was AMAZING! AWESOME! Spellbinding! Touching! If you EVER have the opportunity to see either production (preferably both), GO! It's an amazing mix of storytelling, music and the Gospel. Needless to say, we were blessed beyond measure. We came away with our "tanks" filled up! Ready to start another week with our "blessing meter" on full!


Kari & Kijsa said...

Sounds fabulous! we will add it to our list!

kari & kijsa

Kentucky Bound said...

FYI - For more info about both shows, you can go to Pictures, history . . .

Loving Her Beautiful said...

Hi! Thanks for commenting on my poem. I'm glad you enjoyed it.
I love your slide show! How beautiful and so peaceful! And of course, you chose one of the most beautiful pieces of music in the world to match!