Wednesday, February 6, 2008

a tICkLE fRom tHe Father

Have you ever been in a situation where you're running ragged and everything that can go wrong seems to be going wrong . . . . when all of a sudden something strikes you as incredibly funny? It's like the Good Lord has reached down and tickled you. That's me today! I have so much to do and so little time to do it. We have someone coming to look at the house on Friday. The "rats nest" and bathroom still need a coat of paint. There are no closet doors on the closet. I had an appointment in town this morning along with 3 or 4 stops I HAD to make. A carpenter friend of ours said he'd come out and put the doors up for us and help us with a few little things so I needed to be home. I've got people clamoring for STAT reports that I sent them yesterday. MWHITW locked his keys in his truck (back in town) . . .well you get the picture. I was sitting at my desk trying to decide whether to work work or to house work when I spun around and looked at one of the many piles of things I have sitting here waiting to be either packed to move or packed to take to the booth or packed to take to the thrift store. That's when the Good Lord reached down and tickled me. Sitting on the floor were some things I had taken out of our bathroom, my son's (aka "the rat") bathroom and a chamber pot that we had picked up on one of our treasure hunts. So what's so funny about that? It was the sign that had fallen out of one of the boxes that clinched it for me. What do you get when you put a bowl, a pitcher, an old gas heater and a chamber pot together? As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words!
Now I have the energy to get some of this stuff done!



::))HE works in mysterious ways!!

sister sheri said...

It's so true... He has quite a sense of humor!

Adrienne said...

I love those 'tickles' from the Father. I believe He sends them when He knows we need them most. So we don't go over the edge with everything else that is going on. A release valve. I love your picture of the things with the little sign. Perfect.

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