Friday, February 22, 2008

Retail Therapy

There is nothing like a little retail therapy and a time of fellowship with one of your best friends (we've hung around together for so long that people think we're sisters) to bring sunshine to an otherwise cloudy week. My friend Peggy's oldest daughter is getting married in less than a month. We had gone shopping for Peggy's dress a few weeks ago, but I wanted to wait a while to get anything for myself because of my weight. I've been on a downward slide since I was diagnosed 8 months ago as being a diabetic. Well, with MWHITW out of town this week, we decided to plan a girls' night out. Of course I went with a specific style and a specific color in mind. First store . . . . NOTHING! Well, nothing as far as dresses go, but we both found Aigner sandals for 80% off! Hey, these are the gals who love hand-me-downs, rarely shop in "real stores" for clothes and absolutely refuse to pay full price for ANYTHING! So, when a pair of designer label shoes costs $8.49 . . .that's cause for excitement. Second store . . . . NOTHING! By this time it was almost 8:30. Everything closes at 9, so there's no use in stopping anywhere else, right? Well, maybe just one more. A quick run into Sears just to look wouldn't hurt. A parking place right in front of the door was waiting for us. Hmmm!? We walked into row after row after row of CLEARANCE dresses! We looked (here's one but it's way too small), and looked (ooooh look at this one, but it's way too big), and looked (this would be a great church dress but I'm not looking for a church dress) and looked (hey! this isn't even close to the color I wanted and the style isn't something I would normally chose, but what do you think?). A rich, dark green kind of a moire tone on tone with tiny black jet beads on the lapel and a little flounce detail on the skirt. Peggy loved it! I loved it. Right size? Well, maybe but my butt has been shrinking at a much slower pace than my top half so the skirt is iffy. "Attention Sears shoppers, the store will be closing in 5 minutes". Drat! No time to try it on. That's OK. I'll go ahead and get it and if it doesn't fit, I can always bring it back, right? Off to the cash register. There was one lady in front of us so I used the time to check the suit over to make sure there are no hidden flaws. NO PRICE TAG! 50 gazillion dresses to chose from and I found the one with no price tag! A quick run through the racks to check for another one like it. Nope! OK . Deep breath. I'm the last customer of the night. The clerk can't hate me for bringing a price-less item to her. When we stepped up to the register, I explained my dilema to her. Not a problem. "Manager to women's apparel". Nobody came. Then this sweet little cashier said, "hang on". She checked the label, ran off to the racks, grabbed a dress with the same label (not a bit like the one I had, but it had the same label) scanned it and said . . . are you ready for this . . .wait, can you repeat that? . . . . "will $14.90 be OK?". Peggy and I looked at each other and said "uh huh, that sounds fine". I paid the sweet little cashier and we calmly walked out of the store. Once we hit the parking lot. . . . well, all I can say is that there were two usually very calm, cool and collected middle aged women doing the happy bargain dance and high fives all the way to the car.

Dinner out $7.50. Shoes $8.49. Dress $14.90. Time spent having fun with your "sister" . . . PRICELESS!

P.S. Tried it on when I got home. The skirt fits like a dream! I'll need to make a couple quick alterations to the top, but basically IT FITS!!!



Kathy said...

Wow! What a blessing to find such great bargains! I don't like to shop, but this makes me almost want to go shopping!

Adrienne said...

So glad you found it at a great bargain. Do we get to see a picture?

Thanks for stopping by my blog and for leaving your sweet comments. You're right - you and Katherine and I would have had to deal with wanting the same things in the shop. And we would definitely need my dear mother along to keep the peace! Of course she might want something we all wanted. Then what would we do?

I'll be back to stop in in again soon and see what you're doing.

sister sheri said...

Sounds like a really really fun night with a really great friend!